International transport

International transport concerns the carriage of goods with a capacity of up to 24 tons within the European Union countries (mainly Germany, Holland, Belgium and France). We also provide services to countries outside the EU (excluding countries located in the East of Poland).

We furthermore offer partial transport routes which constitues a standard pick up and drop off point for goods. These include:

GERMANY: Mannheim - Heibronn - Stuttgart - Baden-Baden - Freiburg - Frankfurt am Main - Saarbrücken - Würzburg → FRANCE: Colmar - Metz - Strasbourg

GERMANY: Ruhr Area - Cologne - Wuppertal → Belgiumthe Netherlands

This ensures fast and efficient delivery services of goods, even within 24 hours!

We also provide cabotage services with Tarpaulin Trucks Mega type trucks within the area of the EU.


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