About the company

A&Z Transport-Logistyka Sp. z o. o./ A&Z Transport-Logistics Ltd. is a valued provider of transport services based in Stęszew. We serve customers from the entire Wielkopolska region, providing comprehensive transport and shipping services within domestic and international transport. We offer transport of goods between Poland and European countries as well as domestic transport. We operate on the basis of a Licence for international (TU-006356) and national licence (0133886 912009) carriage of goods by road, which is additionally extended by intermediation in the carriage of goods.

Since the beginning, i.e. since the year 2000, we have been guided by one objective: to ensure the highest standards of service, therefore we put particular emphasis on punctuality, promptness and quality of our transport services. The constant need for development forces us to implement new ideas and logistic solutions in order to provide the best transportation services of our clients' goods, paying additional attention to make the work of our employees' easier and better.

The construction of a new professional transport base, completed in 2009, has enabled us to extend our offer with additional services, including warehousing, storage services and workshop services, useful in managing the delivery process. Currently, we are in the process of implementing a logistics programme to handle transport, and in the future we intend to compete for ISO management system. Our dynamic development is confirmed by many awards, including the Business Gazelle Award in the Ranking of the Most Dynamic Small and Medium-Sized Companies, granted to us in the 12th Edition (2011) and in the 13th Edition (2012).


A & Z Transport-Logistyka sp. z o.o. - Da samochody ciężarowe

A & Z Transport-Logistyka sp. z o.o. - Hala rozładunkowa

A&Z Transport-Logistyka Sp. z o. o./ A&Z Transport-Logistics Ltd. is comprised of trucks, transport bases, storage areas and warehouses. We additionally have a fully qualified team of competent, multilingual forwarders who are at your disposal 24 hours a day. We also have reliable drivers who have all the necessary qualifications for the carriage of goods and dangerous goods and who participate in regular trainings to improve their professional qualifications. Our administrative staff, our team of specialised mechanics and warehouse employees -are of great importance to us. All of our employees fulfil their duties with the utmost care and attention to efficient and safe delivery of the customer's goods.

Short, concise and to the point - Benefits of cooperating with us from A to Z!

  • elivery on time (even within 24h!)
  • flexibility - adjusting the fleet to the size of the shipment or cargo
  • possibility of negotiating prices
  • deferred payment period
  • convenient system of settlements
  • assistance in completing documents
  • accuracy and reliability of performed services
  • insurance of transported goods
  • improvement of work and transport of goods due to continuous development of the company
  • high quality of services due to qualified staff
  • professionalism

Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to offer you our high quality services on the highest level.


Always safe. Always on time!